Jinzhou 25-0006 Pressure Sensor 1611704 For Caterpillar

Jinzhou Pressure Sensor Number: 25-0006

OEM NO.: 1611704

Type: Pressure Sensor

Port: Ningbo, China

Payment Terms: T/T

Origin: China Ruian

Warranty: 24 Months

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Product Description

Jinzhou No. OEM NO.  SMP No. Airtex No. Car Make Position
25-0006 1611704 CATERPILLAR

What is a pressure sensor and how does it work?

A pressure sensor is a device used to detect, measure and transmit information about the pressure applied to a surface such as a solid, liquid, or gas.

The working principle of a pressure sensor is based on the sensing of a specific physical property that changes as pressure is applied to the sensing area, such as resistance, capacitance, or piezoelectricity. The change in physical properties is then converted into an electrical signal proportional to the pressure and transmitted to a processing unit for further analysis or control.

Most pressure sensors can be divided into two types: absolute pressure sensors and gauge pressure sensors. As the name implies, absolute pressure sensors measure pressure relative to a vacuum, or absolute zero pressure. Gauge pressure sensors, on the other hand, measure the difference between process pressure and atmospheric pressure.

In general, pressure sensors are widely used in various applications such as automotive, aerospace, medical equipment, industrial automation, etc. to ensure the accuracy and reliability of pressure measurement for monitoring and control purposes.

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